Cutting Board TEAK S

1040  s DPH

Sleek, vintage cutting board handmade of teak wood will become your fine kitchen mate, making your space look modern and stylish at the same time.


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Sleek, vintage cutting board handmade of teak wood.

This cutting board has been designed in elegant, miniature, detailed shape with two stylish butterfly icons.

You will definitely enjoy using such a tasteful tool not only for cutting but also serving food. Make your kitchen look unique.

Teak wood naturally contains much oil which contributes to wood protection and results in the fact that this tool looks better and better as time passes by.

Muubs cutting board shows that an apparent imperfection of nature looks immaculately perfect in the end.

Of course, every single cutting board is slightly different in structure and color as you´re holding a natural product in your hands.

Teak S Cutting Board should be washed in hot water and dish-detergent.

A dishwasher is not recommended.

Size: 35.5x18x2cm